Trouble in Mineville

Who can you trust?

What is Trouble in Mineville?

Trouble in Mineville is a Minecraft game-mode based on the popular Gmod game Trouble in Terrorist Town.

At the beginning of a round, you are given 60 seconds to find weapons and prepare to defend yourself. Once this period is up, you will be given a role; innocent, traitor or detective, which is where the fun begins.


If you are an Innocent it is your job to survive. Traitors will be out to get you, so trust no one. If you feel sure about someone being a traitor, then kill them. When all traitors are dead the Innocents win the game - but you have to be careful. If you kill an innocent while you are innocent your teammates will suspect you of being the traitor!


They only have one goal; to kill every innocent and detective. Do anything it takes to complete your goal, but be careful; if you get spotted murdering someone you will be killed. Being a successful traitor is a fine art that takes a while to develop.


Detectives are the final piece of the puzzle. You have the ability to check who killed someone. If you right-click with your stick on a dead body (zombie) you will get a death report. Control your fellow citizens and help them by detecting who among you are traitors.

The Traitor Tester

Every map has a Traitor Tester, a small white contraption with a button in the back of it and lights on the front. When you enter this machine, right click the button inside. If you are innocent, the redstone lamps will stay off. If you are traitor and you enter it, the lights will go on.

Trouble in Mineville Maps

  • Spring Falls

  • Armadillo

    JP005 and xBayani
  • Sky Ship

    Team Nectar
  • The Shire

    Team Nectar
  • Castle

  • Westwood

    Team Nectar (Krissix, Cymares)
  • Azure Island

    CrypticMech & cameron224
  • Asian Sky

    Team Nectar (Sneeze7)
  • Forsaken

  • Arcwind Temple

  • MineVille: Classic

  • Sky Lands

    Team Vareide
  • Frozen Cargo

  • Calypso Harbor

  • Wonderland

    Team Nectar (Queenia)
  • The Canal

  • Forge

    Team Vareide
  • Clockworld Island

  • Hermit Sands: Classic

  • Cabin in the Woods

  • Welcome to Woodbury

    xBayani and JP005
  • Puerto Tereza

    Flycofx & Casiopeia111
  • Hermit Sands: Revisited

    Team Nectar
  • Metropolis

    Nistune, Kaval, Sphere
  • Fallen Bridges

    Team Nectar (Queenia, Thunder, Effervescent)
  • Spectral

    Team Nectar (Effervescent06)
  • Kazamuzo Temple

  • Cathedral

    Erik & Daniel
  • Mineville: Revamped

    Team Nectar (Effervescent06)
  • Hermit Sands: Revamped

    Team Nectar (Queenia)
  • FunFair

    Team Nectar (fowben, supermassimo + extremesnow)
  • Seraphim

    ChildOfLights, leZeus, Kinley_
  • Cosmic Foray

    Team Nectar (Supermassimo)
  • Precinct

    Cjeich, Sphere, Periks
  • Pirates

    Team Nectar (Cameron224)
  • TIMV Test

    Jolly and the bois.
  • Station

    Team Nectar (MrPolymath)
  • Construction

    Team Nectar (dav105)
  • Studio

    Team Nectar (Fowben)
  • Nightclub

    Team Nectar
  • Construction

    Team Nectar (Dav105)
  • Eagle Rock

    Team Nectar
  • Hollywood Hotel

    Team Nectar (cjeich)
  • MineCity

    Team Nectar (ChillKido)
  • Rooftops

    LordDeWitt, Liredon, LeonardDM and dirk_barend
  • Avalanche

    Team Nectar (HoneyBlu)
  • Airhaven

    Team Nectar (cameron224 + Zylp)
  • Chroma

    Team Nectar (kwirky + Jaap)

Rules of The Game

Make sure to follow our global Hive rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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