The Herobrine

He has awoken…

What is The Herobrine?

He has been destroying lives and dreams since Minecraft was released... but now it's his time to suffer. Do you have what it takes to defeat the mythical Herobrine?

When you join a server you enter the lobby with 15 other players. Here you will be able to choose what class you want to use while fighting against the mighty Herobrine. Choose wisely as each class has different abilities, some can heal others, some have companions and some have potions. Each server holds up to 16 players, 1 of which will be randomly chosen to be the Herobrine.

If you are a survivor it is your job to work together with the other survivors to hunt down and destroy Herobrine, but beware that at the start Herobrine is hard to kill and barely visible. All you can see of him is a tiny cloud of smoke.

Throughout the game, ‘shards’ will spawn in random locations and can be found by either going to where the lightning strikes or choosing a class that has a compass which will guide you to the shard. It is your job to capture these shards by finding them and taking them to the altar which is represented by an enchanting table. There are a total of 3 shards that can be captured in each game, and after each shard capture the Herobrine becomes weaker and more vulnerable. Upon capturing the third shard Herobrine becomes fully visible.

If you are the Herobrine it is your job to eliminate all of the survivors. It may be hard for survivors to kill you at the start but you also don’t do much damage so it’s important you choose the right moments and focus on one survivor at a time. As the Herobrine you get special powers that mere mortals don’t have. Abilities such as being able to run and jump faster than anybody else. Keep an eye on what items you have, as after each shard capture you get some extra items that can help you in your mission of eliminating all of the survivors. Items such as the ‘Bat Bomb’ are especially useful for making sure the survivors don’t stick too close to each other.

The Herobrine Maps

  • Ancient

    Pure Ambience
  • Retreat

  • Ash Mountains

  • Abyss

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14)
  • Valley

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14)
  • The Asylum

    Team Void
  • Pathways

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14)
  • Tribe

    Team Nectar
  • Temple of the Angels

  • Deserted Keep

    KentorS and Electrix
  • Ice Ridge

    KentorS and Electrix
  • Dallas Farm

    Team Herobox
  • Aurora Limenia

  • GraveHill

  • Fairground

    Team Vareide
  • Arctic

    Zzbiohazardx (Team Vareide)
  • Silent Hill

  • Roots

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14)
  • Caverns

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14)
  • Pumpkin

    Team Nectar - Xoa
  • GodWars

  • Haunted Hillside


Rules of The Game

Make sure to follow our global Hive rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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