Survival Games 2

Scavenge, prepare and battle to be the last man standing

What is Survival Games 2?

Survival Games is a gametype built around the core of Minecraft; surviving. 24 tributes are spawned with nothing on one of the official Vareide maps, with one goal: to be the last alive. You must use your skills to discover supply crates to get weapons and food to aid you on your quest. You can form teams, or kill anything that steps in your way. Just remember, only one person can be the champion.

Unique Combat System

Our combat system tracks all the players in a fight. This means when players die, you are rewarded points based on the amount of damage you did in a fight. This stops people "cleaning up" being rewarded for not doing much work. The tracking tracks fire damage, TNT damage and more more!


Seasons are an automated tournament that happens every 3 months. At the end of the 3 months, the Top 100 players will be given special rewards. Rewards will be announced towards the end of the first season! We'll be regularly checking the Top 100 players replays and banning/removing anyone that abuses the game.

For more information type /season whilst in a SGv2 game!

Custom Crate Design

Crates are completely different! By default you see a mini-version of the OLD Supply Crates, but now you can choose exactly what you see as your crate. Right now the options are:

  • Supply Crates
  • Emerald Blocks
  • Redstone Blocks
  • Jukeboxes
  • Mini-EnderChests

Survival Games 2 Maps

  • Isla Del Rosa

    Quazymoodo - Team Pugro
  • Catching Fire

    Team Vareide
  • Libertas

    Libertas, Ninok, Willi98, MeAndMyCat
  • Garrigal

    The Condorios
  • Condas

  • Calabasas

    Infinity Works
  • Plateau

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14 & Periks)
  • Madagascar

  • Norvale

    Team Nectar (Krissix)
  • Endor

    Team Nectar (Krissix)
  • Phoenix Country

    MCGamerzism, xNatsu
  • Forlorn

  • Eau De Source

    will98 & ItzGrizzly
  • Washington T.C

    Team Prismarine
  • SG4: Revamped

    Team Nectar
  • SG3: Mini

    Team Nectar (Timmetatsch)
  • Tectonic Skies

    Team Prismarine
  • Flashpoint

    Team Nectar (Sphere, goldfangl)
  • Survival Games 7

    Team Vareide
  • Winter Wonderland

    Team Nectar (kwirky)

Rules of The Game

Make sure to follow our global Hive rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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