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My account has been compromised, what do I do?

If you have been banned for the reason 'Compromised Account', please complete the following steps to re-secure your account and prevent you from being compromised again in the future.

This is a very rare circumstance. We are obviously doing everything we can to protect you against this happening but it mostly comes down to you as we have no control over your actual Minecraft account.

Being "compromised" is just another word for hacked, but where they didn't actually hack you, but more they stole your information via. you typing it, or them downloading a keylogger to your computer.

You need to do the following:

  • Change your password - this might also include your email you signed up to Minecraft with since access to that would allow them new access to your account (use different passwords).
  • Virus scan your computer - this is for your own safety, so you don't get compromised again. Your computer might contain a keylogger or other malware to get your new password. (You can use Google to find more but some free ones are Avira Free AntivirusComodo Free Antivirus, and Avast Free Antivirus but there are many, many free ones out there) 
  • Disable any VPNs/Proxies you may be using to connect to the server - this could put your account at risk of being blacklisted on the server. This includes services such as WTFast or Pingzapper.

Below are some useful tips to help your keep you and your accounts safe:

  • NEVER share your passwords with anyone, no one on The Hive staff team will ever ask you for your password.
  • On Discord, if you notice a friend request or a message from a name you recognize, check the official Hive Discord and click their profile to make sure their real discriminator (the four numbers in their ID) match the discriminator of the person who added you.
  • Don’t click any links posted in-game, on Discord or on the forums from anyone you don't 100% trust.
  • If you click any link on the forums or on Discord, please double-check the link before clicking it. Be sure to double-check the URL is correct. An example of an incorrect URL is
  • Don’t buy “cheaper” premium accounts, fake Minecon capes or other cosmetic items – it will all end in you getting permanently banned on The Hive. Alongside this, entering your details on a free Optifine Cape or Minecon cape site will likely get you compromised. (If it's too good to be true, it probably is!)
  • Also be careful with the use of VPNs. Use your own IP to prevent getting banned.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will need to create an appeal to let us know that you have re-secured your account. Information about how to do this can be found here. Please mention that you have completed the steps to re-secure your account in your appeal.

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