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Can I transfer my membership?

At The Hive we take account security very seriously and do everything we can from our side to make sure your purchases that you make with us stay safe and secure. Because of this, we make clear that any purchases made on an account, will stay on that account and cannot be moved. An example of why we do this is that in the unfortunate case that your Minecraft account was compromised (or hacked) we wouldn't want to be moving everything you paid for to someone else's account whilst you were contacting Minecraft to get your account back. 

Note: In the rare case you have purchased for the wrong name in error and it's still within a few hours of making the original purchase please email [email protected] with your transaction ID, the name you purchased for in error and the name you would like to move it to. These are reviewed on a case by case basis and we cannot always guarantee the items will be moved.