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What are the forum rules?

Overall forum rules

  • No spamming or unnecessary usage of caps.
  • No offensive content or profanity.
  • Trolling, abuse, derailing flaming or flame-baiting is not allowed.
  • Do not advertise other servers outside the domain/aid of The Hive.
  • Do not bump excessively. (More than once every 24 hours)
  • Do not Necropost (This means replying to an old thread that needs no further discussion)
  • Do not double-post (use the edit button instead).
  • NEVER put strange links of which we cannot verify the safety.
  • Do not post threads or posts exclusively to increase your post count.
  • Make all your posts count. Irrelevant posts should be kept off the forums.
  • Don't occupy on ban issues that are not relevant to you. If you have something of value to say about someone else's ban, please contact staff privately, don't spread it on the forums.
  • Do not create alt accounts. This includes creating alt accounts to avoid bans, like-boost, or troll alt accounts.
    • Clan Alts are an exception. You may create an alt account to manage a clan thread, but it must never be used to post anything else. Using a clan alt on any other part of the forums will lead to it being banned.
  • Do not use spoiler tags to hide foul content of any kind (including pornographic images, screamers etc.).

Some rules may not apply in all forums! Check below for rules for specific forum sections.

Forum-specific rules:


  • Bumping is allowed every 24 hours since the last post activity.
  • Suggestions must be relative, realistic and implementable. No overpowered, copyrighted things.
  • Negative feedback IS allowed, as long it's constructive.

Bug reporting

  • Only post issues about map failures (stuck areas and abilities to out of the map), connection issues, in-game bugs, etc.
  • Don't post FPS/ping lag issues, because 99% of those are client/ISP-side caused.
  • Don't display footage about HOW to reproduce the bug (if necessary, pm a mod/admin/owner).
  • Read before posting. Many bug reports have been reported already.
  • Post all info you can provide!

Map Submissions

  • Always try to include instantly visible pictures.
  • Do not provide download links for the maps, if we like it, we will contact you for a download.


There are various sections to post videos on this forum, please make sure to find the right one for your content.

Terms of YouTube DO apply here (we want to avoid illegal actions).


  • Advertising any non-official Hive server is against the rules.
  • Advertising IS allowed under very specific circumstances. Publishing/promoting texture packs IS allowed, as long you give credit to the maker.

Posting mods is allowed if:

  • They are not in conflict with the rules (hacks, etc)
  • There is a link provided to the original post on

Other games

  • Any talk about other games is allowed.
  • Providing contact details is limited (skype, xbox live, psnetwork)

Forum games

Anything goes on here. The 'game host' decides the rules of the game.

Common sense rule applies here. Please play games responsibly and not to boost or inflate the post count. Why? Because it's only fair that content is additive to the community and made to benefit the community as a whole. The forums are not a "game" where collecting the most points is the aim. The aim is to be exactly that... a community. 

Signature Rules 

Your signature may contain one of the following:

  • Two Banner Images
  • One Banner Image + Four Lines of Text
  • One Banner Image + One Spoiler Tag
  • One Banner Image
  • Four Lines of Text + One Spoiler Tag
  • Four Lines of Text Only

ONE Spoiler Tag is allowed in your signature. If you choose to include a spoiler tag, it may contain one of the following:

  • Two Banner Images
  • One Banner Image + Four Lines of Text
  • One Banner Image
  • Four Lines of Text 

General Signature Rules

  • No affiliate linking in signatures.
  • If you want to add linked small images (such as dragons), they have to be all on one line. Please note that this row will count as one image and must be the SMALL versions of the dragons, not the larger adult dragons.
  • No embedded videos in signatures.
  • All overall forum rules apply to signatures.
  • If your signature includes text, it should be of a small font size.
  • Try to keep your signature under 500x200 pixels.
  • All Moderator decisions on signature suitability are final.

Other Rules

Do not post threads flaming or criticising staff. If you have an issue with how a moderator has behaved, contact a Senior Moderator via a private message and provide evidence. If you have an issue with how a Senior Moderator has behaved, contact our Staff Manager, Will, via a private message and provide evidence.

Do not pretend to be a member of staff on the server. This includes claiming you are staff, threatening to ban a user or otherwise blackmail them. Impersonating staff will lead to a severe punishment.

Do not advertise that you are selling Minecraft Accounts or Minecon Capes. Selling Minecraft accounts is illegal.


The Hive staff teams reserves the right to issue punishments against other offences not listed in this rules thread on a case by case basis.