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A guide to Lucky Crates

Lucky Crates are magical chests that unlock unique and special things within The Hive. Every crate is guaranteed to give you a random PocketPet, PLUS a chance of unlocking hub hats and hub particle trails!

How to get free Lucky Crates

To get your first free crate, visit our store HERE and click the first box named "Monthly FREE LuckyCrate". Proceed to the checkout where you will be charged nothing for the crate. Wait a couple of minutes for the store to process your order and try leaving and rejoining the server (or just switch hubs!).

You can get a new free crate once a month. Simply return back to the page above to redeem your new one. If you want to get more than one per month, you can purchase them in bundles of 5, 12, 34 and 56 via the same link above.

You can also randomly win Lucky Crates by playing ANY game on The Hive! They are distributed based on the amount of players and duration of a game, to fairly distribute them between the network. All players have an equal chance of winning one.

How to open your Lucky Crate(s)

Once you have logged into the server, you should see you have 1 Lucky Crate on the sidebar. Go the the hub center and find a crate station. These should not be too hard to find as they are right next to spawn. It should look like this:

Right click the Ender crystal and your lucky crate will start opening. Once it has finished opening, it should look similar to this:

What's in a Lucky Crate?

You are guaranteed one pocket pet and you have a chance of unlocking a hub hat and/or a particle trail. These items can be accessed by right-clicking your Hive Menu and selecting Pets, Hats or Trails. Your items will also now carry across to different hubs. Select a trail in the main hub and it will still show in the game hubs without needing to re-equip it.

If you receive an item in a Lucky Crate that you already have, you will receive one lucky shard. 10 lucky shards will automatically convert into a Lucky Crate.

Enjoy your new fancy cosmetics!