Use your PaintBlaster to dominate the map with your teams color!

What is Sploop?

Sploop is a game where you must conquer the map with your teams color! There are 4 teams that battle against each other; the Red Roosters, the Green Geckos, the Purple Panthers and the Orange Oranges. Use your PaintBlaster to fire paintballs and paint the map in your teams color (they also kill people, too!). The team with the most colored blocks will win the round. Oh... you also play as a special character with different perks and incredible ultimate abilities.

There are up to five rounds per game, unless a team wins 3 rounds, which means they will instantly become the overall winner!

The Heroes!

Each Hero has a "Passive" and an "Ultimate". A passive is something that is always active (so you don't need to do anything to use it...it's just working for you all the time), but an Ultimate is a special ability that can be used once you have charged it. To charge an Ultimate, get kills and paint blocks. The bar at the bottom of the screen tells you how close you are to having it! Once you have it, Press Q (or your drop-item button) to activate it!

Currently we have four Heroes for you to choose from. We'll be adding more in the future, each with a different play style and persona. More about the Heroes are below.

Everyone will play certain Heroes better than others. Find the best character for you and the best character for your team. The right character combinations can turn a game from a loss, to an epic victory!

Resource Pack

Every character has Ultimate sounds, random voice lines and other awesome things such as Health Packs and a... PAINTBALL GUN!

Boards in the lobby show you Character Information!

Custom Icons so you can easily see what they mean!

Health Packs can be picked up during the game to save your life!

Each team gets their own colored Paintball Gun!

Don't forget that there's also 60 custom sounds (The trailer shows off a small amount of them!), including a narrator. If you don't like certain sounds, you can use /volume and edit which sounds you can hear, or simply change their volumes!

Sploop Maps

  • Toy Box

  • Zones

    Team Nectar
  • Rocket Science

  • Vortex

    Team Nectar (Fowben)
  • Outline

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14)
  • Globe

    Team Nectar (Fowben)
  • Maze

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14)
  • Comet

    Community Map (sphere + cjeich)
  • Under The Sea

  • Geometric

    Team Nectar (Thunderstryker)
  • Platforms

    Team Nectar
  • Silo

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14)

Rules of The Game

Make sure to follow our global Hive rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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