Spleef with EGGS!

What is Splegg?

Splegg. Spleef with Eggs! Watch the video below and learn how to play one of the most ridiculous games you'll see on Minecraft!

When you spawn into the arena you have 10 seconds to find your ultimate beginning point! After these 10 seconds you'll be given a special gun... the Splegg gun. This gun shoots high powered, high popping, super speedy eggs. These eggs do no damage to players... but they destroy the arena!

Use your Splegg gun to tactically remove the Arena around you... but be careful not to fall into the void. Falling into the void eliminates you! It's your quest to remove the blocks in the path of other players and be the last man standing.

Parkour skill can really help you in this fast paced game. Use your skill to eliminate other players and gain tokens to purchase upgrades and other cool stuff... like disco sheep. Yes. Disco sheep.

Power Ups

To make it even more intense whilst you are ducking and diving to avoid the flying onslaught of eggs there are also power ups that are detailed below:

  • Shotgun - Fire 3 eggs each shot for 5 seconds
  • Demoman - 2 pieces of TNT for you to place anywhere on the map
  • Acid Rain - Snowballs rain from above and destroy the blocks they hit
  • Rapid Fire - Shoot faster for 5 seconds
  • Explosive Ammo - Every hit within 3 seconds causes a small explosion
  • Triple Jump - Allows you to jump 3x the height for 15 seconds
  • Invisible Man - Makes you invisible for 15 seconds (perfect to run away)
  • Forrest Gump - Run faster for 15 seconds. Worst reference ever, we know
  • Possession - Possess all other players but yourself. Putting pumpkins on their head for 3 seconds
  • Suicide Sheep - A suicide sheep for you to deploy whenever you want!

Splegg Maps

  • Splatter

  • Nebula

  • Petal Power

  • Ring Ring

  • Balance

  • Starmie

  • Palette

  • Cell

  • Burst

  • Pokemon

  • Bloom

  • Storm

  • PinkMe

  • SpaceSwirl

  • Mistic

  • Golf

  • Tree Island

  • Autumn Leaves

  • Busy Bees

    Munchymay, DinoJam and Colebowl
  • Saturn

  • Not Mushroom Here

  • Tree Fiddy

  • Time Travel

  • Chocolate

  • Atomar

    Team Nectar (timmetatsch)
  • Making It Up

  • Inferno

  • Repercussions

  • Catch 'em All!

  • Oversplegg

    Team Nectar (Fowben)
  • Sunny Side Up

    Team Nectar (Timmetatsch)
  • Gemmy Gears

    Team Nectar (SnowWolfy)

Rules of The Game

Make sure to follow our global Hive rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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