Protect your Giant and take out the others!

What is SkyGiants?

Welcome to the home land of Sky Giants! Your job is simple; protect your giant from the evil attackers (opposing teams) and eliminate the others.

The game can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. When the game starts, you will be assigned a team; either Gold, Magenta, Green or Blue. You will have 1 minute 30 seconds to start preparing for battle. Once the time is up, the fight begins!

Ores, Gold and Merchants

Similar to our twist on SkyWars, the custom ores are included in SkyGiants. The ores are completely the same, however one new ore has been introduced: the gold block. Mining gold blocks gives you a currency called, rather appropriately, Gold. You also gain Gold for killing players, destroying beasts and eliminating Giants. This Gold can be spent at the merchant on your island. The merchant sells handy stuff like diamond gear, potions, food and building blocks. Spend your Gold wisely to get the advantage.​


After 3 minutes of the game starting, a beast will spawn in the middle. Beasts are custom creatures with special attacks that when killed give your team a reward. Currently there are 3 different beasts in the game. Plan the attack with your team, as the more people you have attacking the beast, the quicker it will be killed and the chance of another team taking the kill will be reduced.​

Chat and Shout

By default, any message you send in the game will be sent to your team only. This makes working out your ninja-level attack plans much easier. If you wish to send a message to all players, simple put an ! (exclamation mark) at the beginning of the message. For example: !hey everyone ​

There are many other mechanics in the game, but these core ones will get you on the right track.

SkyGiants Maps

  • Lost

    Team Nectar (Sneeze7)
  • Fortress

    Team Nectar (Sphere + Sneeze)
  • Fortress

    Team Nectar (Extremesnow)
  • Tropical Trouble

    Team Nectar (Goldfan, Sphere + Nistune)
  • Spruce Springsteen

    Team Nectar
  • Urban

    Team Nectar (Supermassimo)
  • Oasis

    Team Nectar (Effervescent06 + Thunderstryker)
  • Rocket

    Team Nectar (turtlelord66)
  • Babylon

    UnexpectedTurn, Sphere
  • Advenus

    Team Nectar (Supermassimo, goldfangl14)
  • Lumber

    Team Nectar (Sphere)
  • Sky Cliffs

    Team Nectar (goldfangl14)
  • Odyssey

    Team Nectar (Thunderstryker)
  • Radioactive

  • Witch's Lair

    Team Nectar (turtlelord66 and Jaap)
  • Sanctum

    Team Nectar (Sphere)
  • Sunrise

    Team Nectar (extremesnow)
  • Dominion

    Team Nectar (kwirky)
  • Blossom

  • Frost

    Team Nectar (cjeich & Periks)
  • Orc

    Team Nectar (Cameron224)
  • Rocky Heights

    Team Nectar (kwirky & LordDeWitt)
  • Dragons

    Team Nectar (Supermassimo)
  • Airship

    Community Map (kwirky)
  • Sky Kingdom

    Team Nectar (kwirky)
  • Elysium

    Team Nectar (Sphere)
  • Red

    Team Nectar (ninjaswede9)
  • Town Hall

    Team Nectar (Dav105)
  • Moonlight

  • Anubis

    Little_Tigress, Fowben, demcmd
  • Snow Fight

    Team Nectar (Jaap)
  • Muffin

    Team Nectar (Timmetatsch)
  • Anchored

    Odyssey Builds
  • Gwolith

  • Stronghold

    Team Nectar (Kwirky)
  • Evergreen

    Team Nectar (Krissix)
  • Shrine

    Team Nectar (kwirky)
  • Magikos

    Team Nectar (Timmetatsch)
  • Gateway

    Team Nectar (Queenia)
  • Aquarius

    Odyssey Builds
  • Flow

    Team Nectar (Periks)

Rules of The Game

Make sure to follow our global Hive rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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