One in the Chamber

One arrow. One Shot.

What is One in the Chamber?

A Call of Duty-inspired classic: this game puts you against 16 other players in a race to the most kills in the given time limit!

When you spawn into one of our OITC maps you'll be given a few seconds to spread out across the map and find your ultimate starting position. At the end of the warmup you'll be given 4 items; a wooden sword, a bow, redstone and an arrow.

Use the wooden sword and bow to kill your other competitors. Every kill will reward you with one arrow, until you either use them or die... So make sure to plan your attacks carefully.

The redstone is a visual look at how many lives you have left. Each player gets 5 lives, so be sure to value your life. Dying 5 times will result in your getting eliminated, making it easier for your competitors to take over you in kills!

One in the Chamber Maps

  • Four Seasons

    Team Nectar (Effervescent06)
  • Wild Wild West

  • Tree In The Chamber

  • Dairy Land

  • Recycle

    Team Nectar (dav105)
  • A Bugs Life

    lian125, Paulieboy555, timo_vR
  • Colloram

  • Candy Land

  • Autumn

  • Chinese Tree Battle

  • Space Station

  • Cloud Mountain

  • Christmas Miracle

  • Devius

  • Maple Willow

    Community (MCGamerzism, xNatsu)
  • Expedition

    Team Nectar (Sneeze7)
  • Melty Molten

  • Hellish Depths

    Team Nectar (dav105)
  • Portal

  • Astarith

    Community (ThaMango)
  • Lilac Grove

Rules of The Game

Make sure to follow our global Hive rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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