Murder in Mineville

First there was trouble. Now there is straight up murder...

What is Murder in Mineville?

The premise is simple. If you're a citizen, stay alive! Hide to stay safe, or gain enough coins to get a weapon of your own. Coins are hidden around the map. If you're a murderer, try and eliminate all the players, but be careful of the detective; he has a gun and will kill you!


If you watch the video, you'll see we've added some awesome features that aren't seen in any other version of the game. We really wanted to focus on the immersion in this game. But... what are these features?

Emoji Selector

Sometimes it's hard or just too much effort to type when you're busy trying to survive, so we've made an awesome Emoji selector so you can emote away in-game. There's two options, the circle or the scroll; this can be changed in the lobby by using the redstone repeater.

Dead Bodies

Wondered where people died? No longer! Dead bodies lay where people have died. Right-clicking them will bring up a lootable inventory so you can take their coins or weapons!

Memories & Skin Analysis

Citizens store memories of what they have seen. The detective can right-click them and they will tell him what they have seen. If the citizen has seen something, the shirt of the murderer is also explained. We think that's pretty cool!

Coins & Store

Look in chests around the world and collect coins. Use those coins to buy items specific to your rank! If you're a citizen you can buy a weapon to defend yourself. If you're the murderer, you can buy an Eye of Ender that when use goes in the direction of a citizen; perfect for those cheeky hiders.

Murder in Mineville Maps

  • Westwood

    Team Nectar
  • Misty Manor

    Team Nectar (cjeich)
  • Mineville

    Team Nectar
  • Cathedral

    Team Nectar (Dav105)
  • Autumn

    Team Nectar (sneeze7)
  • Library

    Team Nectar (dav105)
  • Port

    Team Nectar
  • Greenville

    Team Nectar
  • Excavation

    Team Nectar (Periks)
  • Desert Village

    Team Nectar (Krissix)
  • Cloud Town

    Team Nectar (Krissix)
  • Sakura

    Team Nectar (LordDeWitt)

Rules of The Game

Make sure to follow our global Hive rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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