SG: Heroes

Loot and fight your way through multiple 1V1's to prove you're a HERO!

What is SG: Heroes?

SG:Heroes is a new way to play the incredible worlds made by Team Vareide, Nectar and our awesome community.

24 players queue for battle and are spawned into one of our awesome SG maps. 3 minutes are added to the clock. This time has no PvP and is used purely for scavenging supplies to help you win your fight. Once the timer has run out, you are paired with a random opponent for a 1v1 fight. Win the 1v1 fight to move on to your next opponent until only 2 remain to battle to victory!

What’s different to normal Survival Games?

Hunger is gone! To not ruin the fast paced nature of the game, there is no need to worry about managing your hunger bar.

Faster run speed when looting! More speed means more ground to cover easily.

Rules of The Game

Make sure to follow our global Hive rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

Top Players by Victories